September 12

Once I start chiropractic care…


Once I start chiropractic care….should I continue care….will my back be weak now…. most would agree that a well-aligned spine is stronger and more resilient.  Most back problems develop because spinal vertebrae become misaligned and stuck in an improper position, which puts pressure on spinal nerves causing pain with associated stiffness and tension in the surrounding musculature.

Chiropractic treatments realign those vertebrae, restore proper motion to the spine, decreasing nerve pressure and easing muscle spasms. Once you are out of pain and back to all your normal activities, we suggest a few follow up appointments to make sure proper motion and alignment is maintained so that the problem does not reoccur. 

Many of our patients decide to continue care with regular check-ups, maintaining their body much like they do their car with regular scheduled oil changes.  This keeps patients pain free and functioning at their best. Regular care is much more common once patients are in their 40’s and recognize the need for maintenance as they feel the wear and tear of life. Ultimately, it is up to each individual patient to decide what level of care they desire and how long they continue according to their own health philosophy.  We are here to help guide each patient back to health whether it is a brief treatment plan for a minor issue or a long term regular maintenance plan for an old car accident. At Evolution Physical Med Centres we pride ourselves in no pressure treatment plans.


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