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Laser Pain Therapies

Hot and Cold Laser Therapy

Hot laser therapy or Deep tissue laser therapy are terms used when describing the newest generation of therapeutic lasers. These are called CLASS IV lasers which deliver a much higher amount of energy to the tissues in a quicker time interval than all other therapeutic lasers.

Cold laser therapy or low level light therapy are terms used to describe a low energy type of therapeutic laser which cannot develop any substantial heating effect. For some patients a slow low dose of energy is an appropriate therapy. We offer this Bioflex laser in the Aldergrove clinic.

A very well known and respected Cold laser system is the BIOFLEX laser system. Pioneered by a Medical Doctor from Toronto, Dr. Fred Kahn, with over 20 years of research and two very successful laser pain clinics to draw experience from.

Therapeutic lasers are generating specific wavelengths of light between 600-1000nm, which are applied into the injured tissues. The injured tissues, new or old, are stimulated at a biochemical level which results in much faster healing times. Damaged tissues are repaired and regenerated.

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