August 29

How many treatments will it take for me to get better?


One of the most common questions Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and Acupuncturists get is how many treatments will I need?  Generally, simple conditions and minor pains can be treated effectively in three to four treatments.  More serious and complex conditions take more time. 

It will depend on your age, health, and how long you have had the condition. Chronic conditions do require more treatments over all, but in general such treatments can be spaced wider apart in order to make the treatment schedule convenient and manageable. 

Expect to see noticeable improvement in your condition within the first two to three treatments, but allow six to twelve to ensure the best effect in the long term. Once your condition has improved, the practitioner will review your case and you will jointly decide on a schedule for follow up treatments if they are necessary.  Each treatment builds on the previous treatments and has a cumulative effect.  Maintenance schedules are available for people who are serious about getting healthy and staying that way!

As a preventative, health maintenance measure, when there aren’t any significant health issues, coming in for treatments on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis can help to prevent future problems and significantly mitigate stress. This will help to ensure that serious problems do not develop, and you can enjoy your best health! 


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