May 28

Apprehensive about Chiropractic?


After 23 years of practicing chiropractic, in Vancouver and Langley, I am still regularly told that “my wife/husband should really come and see you but they are too scared to come in.” Naturally, I ask why? Consistently the same answer bubbles up, they are afraid of having their neck ‘twisted’ or ‘cracked’. To that I happily answer, “we do not need to twist or crack the neck in order to treat the neck.”  Yes, it is possible to treat one’s neck with other methods, such as the use of myofascial work and chiropractic Impulse instrument adjustments.

Myofascial? Impulse Instruments? 

Well… in English… Myofascial work is the releasing of muscle and it’s surrounding sheath, the fascia, with one’s finger/hand pressure. This may be enough to free a stuck or misaligned joint.

The Impulse instrument is a pressure gauged adjusting instrument, that is using quick bursts of very mild pressure, in order to mechanically vibrate and impulse the joint back into alignment. Basically it’s nudging the joints along, back into where they need to be. There is no cracking or quick twisting actions involved. Have a look at how it works below…Skip ahead to 0:19 to see its effects on the spine.

Still scared? We didn’t think so.

At Evolution, we’ve taken the fear out of chiropractic treatments by offering options. Our centres use myofascial work and Impulse adjusting instruments so that you don’t have to be afraid anymore. As far as the Impulse instrument, if you have never been adjusted with one, we would be happy to demonstrate it for you. The last thing we want is for you to be afraid of coming to see us. We always have options if you’re not comfortable with something. Remember we’re here to help YOU!

Dr. Fred Meinzer, BSc DC


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