Mark: Hi, it’s Mark Bossert. We’re here with Dr. Harold Meinzer, chiropractor here in Vancouver and North Langley at Evolution Wellness. And we’re talking lasers. How are you doing today Harold?

Dr Harold: I’m doing fantastic. Thanks Mark. How are you this morning?

Mark: Great. So, we’re going to do a little compare and contrast with ultrasound versus laser. You don’t use ultrasound very much in your practice anymore, is that right?

Dr Harold: That’s right. It’s kind of become a little bit redundant, and with the laser, it’s sort of overlapping modalities. So, it’s one of the questions I get asked in the clinic. And so, I wanted to talk a little bit about it, and I’ll kind of maybe shed some light onto why I use laser over ultrasound.

So, here’s our typical ultrasound unit with the ultrasound head, and we’re going to use some kind of gel on top of the joint or the area that we’re going try to use this modality. And so, really what the ultrasound does, is that it … Inside this head, it has like a crystal. So, it’s a vibrating crystal in the head, and it creates a piezoelectric effect. So, it is an electric effect. I mean we use electricity with the laser as well, but what this head does is it causes tiny little cavitations in water molecules in our body, and that creates friction, and that friction causes heat. And so, the heat generated by the ultrasound unit then increases the blood flow to that area, and it has a warming effect, and we call it the vasodilation. And then, that can help with healing.

And so, that’s the main use of the ultrasound unit. This technology has been around since 1940, 1950s. It’s been used in chiropractic and physio clinics ever since then. And so I consider this kind of old technology where laser now is sort of this quantum leap into the future. So, I’m going to put this guy down.

Mark: So what’s the difference then with laser? If you’re going to explain?

Dr Harold: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, the laser is stimulatory to our cells. So, they call it a photo bio modulation. It’s a great big word, but it does a number of different things, and it affects the individual cell.

And so, the laser is going to shine that light. It’s going to be absorbed into our tissue. So, I have the laser set up back here, so that as we apply it and our tissues absorb the light, it’s going right down into the individual cells, and it’s also going to cause that same thing, vasodilation. So, it’s going to open up the blood flow into that area. But it’s also going help with the lymphatic drainage. So, it activates lymph and lymph drainage. And so, those two combined together, that’s a strong anti-inflammatory device or effect into our tissue, right?

The other effects with the laser is going to be that it blocks pain, right? Pain management in that area, and it’s going to accelerate the individual cell. So, cellular activity, increased ATP production, that’s all going to be restorative, regenerative to that cell, and by increasing enzymes and oxygen and collagen, all these different synthesis that are happening.

So, it’s really like apples and oranges. The ultrasound just really increases blood flow where the laser is going to have blood flow, and it’s also going to have pain modulation. It’s also going to accelerate enzymes and cellular activity.

So, I think from a therapeutic point as a clinician, I want something that’s going to encompass so many more things than just one. So, I really don’t use ultrasound anymore. And those are some of the big reasons why.

Mark: And then lasers, you can use with people who’ve had metal hip replacements or knee replacements, et cetera and some other things as well?

Dr Harold: Yeah, that’s always a big one. So, people that have all these appliances from old injuries, hip replacement, knee replacement screws, pins, all sorts of things into the body. Yeah, the laser can be used over top of all those sites, and it’s not going to have any effect with the metal, where ultrasound, it’s a contraindication. You can’t use ultrasound over top of any of those sites. And then also, it’s also interesting that with ultrasound, because it’s electrical, you’re not going use it if you have a pacemaker, where the laser is fine to use within the body. We’re not going to use the laser over top of the pacemaker, but we can use it anywhere else into the body. So, these patients that have had all these really big injuries, lasers is just a perfect fit for them.

Mark: So, there you go. If you need some lasering to take care of some old injuries or even better, some new fresh ones because they heal faster. The guy to see at Evolution Wellness is Dr. Harold Meinzer. You can call to book an appointment at (604) 881-2404. That will get you an appointment in either location, in Vancouver or North Langley. And thanks Harold.

Dr Harold: Thanks so much. I’m here to help.