Dr. Jamie Dougall

I am a very different kind of chiropractor, as my patients will attest.  I have combined the fundamentals of chiropractic education with specialized diagnostic and treatment protocols and more than 25 years of lifting/strength & stability coaching to offer an experience that is thorough and produces objective results.  Integration of these ideologies has allowed me to identify and resolve many uniquely difficult cases in my career, a process which I very much enjoy.  I utilize a wide variety of therapies beyond chiropractic adjustment that includes soft tissue therapy, neuro-therapy, myofascial cupping, cranial-sacral therapy, meridian therapy and nutritional intervention just to name a few.  Please see my website for details: www.drjamiedougall.com.

My patients are of all ages and from all walks of life. My office hours accommodate a range of work/school schedules.  I offer longer appointment times for those that require it.  I look forward to meeting you!  See you soon!  (Thanks for reading all the way to the end…).