Carolyn Schmidt is in a long term relationship with human movement. As a Stretch Therapist and Movement Educator, Carolyn brings a lifetime of experience, passion and curiosity to each session with her clients. 

Carolyn began dancing as a young child and received her formal training from renowned institutions including the School of Alberta Ballet and The Ailey School in New York City. Her professional dance career has taken her to the USA, Europe and Australia where she has performed, taught and studied with diverse dance professionals from around the globe. Carolyn continues to teach dance in the Vancouver area and is active in artistic projects and dance education initiatives.

Carolyn completed her Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) training in Arizona with Ann and Chris Fredrick, the creators of the method. Carolyn also has training in kinesiology, Pilates and Alexander technique – which educates people to use their bodies in more effective ways, greatly improving posture, daily movement and awareness of self.

In a Stretch Therapy session, clients will experience 3 phases: Assessment, treatment (the stretching) and education. First, clients posture and movement will be assessed, then restrictions will be identified. Next,  restrictions will be worked on through a series of slow, deep, waving stretches performed on a table which work to create length and space in the body. At the end of the session, clients movement will be re-assessed and self-stretch exercises will be prescribed to enhance the work accomplished during the session. Clients can wear comfortable athletic type clothing and be prepared to leave feeling long, light and free. Make sure to drink plenty of water!