I HAVE HAD A GREAT DEGREE OF CARE HERE THAT I HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED ELSEWHERE. I have been very impressed with the updated knowledge base of the 2 practitioners that I deal with regularly.” Lynne D.


“The staff are very friendly and accommodating. Practitioners are quite gentle and knowledgeable beyond their specific fields. The new office has a calming presence. My wife and I have been patients for 15 plus years. We have used most services, never had a bad experience and are often more informed about our general health. We are extremely satisfied, do not feel like ‘patients’ rather like extended family.” Norm


“I have been a client for over eight years as well as my husband. Since I have had a stroke 2 years ago, I have found that going there has been very beneficial. He believes and passes out information in a natural way-meaning natural methods vs. mental ‘prescription’ routs. HE HAS A GENUINE CARING CONCERN FOR ALL OF HIS CLIENT’S WELL BEING. ” Barb C.


“Had a wicked migraine in 2011 for 2.5 months. Doctors couldn’t help. Saw Joshua the RMT as a last resort and after the first treatment noticed a difference. He totally cleared up the headache pain and other issues. Saw Dr. Fred for back issues – he was a tremendous help. Cindy is the best. Always friendly and cheerful. I would recommend them and I do to everybody that can use their services. They are the best of the best.” Lynne L.




“I am very grateful to the doctors for helping me alleviate my pain. Before treatment, the pain was so severe that I became very depressed and now I feel so much better. ” Anonymous


“I have been getting acupuncture, chiropractic and massage treatments from the practitioners at Aldergrove Wellness Centre. Since I have been getting help, all of the pain that I used to have, I no longer have anymore. The practitioners are friendly people and will help you. If you want to be happy and free of pain, come to Aldergrove Wellness Centre.” Bill H.


“In March of this year, I broke my ankle which required surgery, complete with plates and screws. When the cast finally came off and I could start to put weight on the leg, it became very clear very that this was going to require severe rehab. I knew that I needed some help and so off to Dr. Fred I went. We decided that I could benefit from BioFlex treatments with Michael. In no time at all, I was able to ditch the cane. My progress was steady, with increased movement and decreased pain. Michael explained the treatment process and tailored it to my needs. He was extremely professional, attentive, informative and supportive. I CURRENTLY HAVE ABOUT 95% OF MY FORMER ANKLE FUNCTION BACK. I TRULY BELIEVE THAT I COULD NOT HAVE ACHIEVED THIS WITHOUT THE BIOFLEX TREATMENTS. Last week at my surgeon’s office he was extremely surprised and pleased at the range of motion that I now have in my ankle. He indicated that an injury such as mine usually takes up to a year to heal. I am well ahead of schedule thanks to Michael and the BioFlex treatments. I am very excited to have my life back! Thank you to Michael and Dr. Fred”  – Janice G.


“As a dancer and studio owner I visit Aldergrove Wellness Centre religiously and recommend the facility to every single one of my students. Over the years I have walked in with a wide variety of physical problems and have walked out with nothing less than excellent, professional, treatment and a permanent smile on my face.” Natalie K.




“Dr. Fred, that was a nice picture of your office and staff in the newspaper BUT there was no picture of Cindy who is arguably the most important person in the office wheel. :)” -Lynne


“Our family has had the pleasure of working with Dr. Fred Meinzer for over 15 years. We find that the treatments provided by Dr. Meinzer are very effective and help us maintain the overall health and flexibility. Dr. Meinzer keeps up with the latest procedures and technologies. The atmosphere at the centre is always friendly and professional. We often encourage our friends to make use of the services by the Aldergrove Wellness Centre.” Bonnie and Dave


I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THE TREATMENT AND CARE I RECEIVE. WITHOUT IT, I WOULD BE IN CONSTANT INCREASING PAIN. That was my reality when I started with Dr. Fred over a year ago. With appropriate maintenance I feel strong, healthy and pain free! I love your new office. It feels homey, comfortable and I am relaxed when I’m there. The staff is outstanding kind and friendly. Also very organized.” Michelle I.


“I have been seeing Dr. Fred M. for over 12 years. My husband suffers a back injury and Fred is great at keeping it in line and giving it a tune up. My two boys are very active in biking and jumping so he keeps them in line as well. Myself, after surgery I have found he settles the pain. I don’t know what we would do without Fred to keep us straight. Thank you for always keeping us healthy.” Rhonda P.