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Evolution Wellness Centres

After 25 years of practice, Dr. Fred and Harold Meinzer have united their three clinics with the name EVOLUTION.

1. Vancouver/Fairview

2. Langley/Walnut Grove

3. Aldergrove/Abbotsford

Their passion for chiropractic and physical medicine have helped them evolve and integrate many aspects of physical medicine; chiropractic, massage,  myofascial release,  deep tissue laser therapies,  custom foot orthotics,  traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Our chiropractic therapies include hands on as well as Impulse instrument adjustments. This blends the old traditions of hands on chiropractic with the newest technology in Instrument adjusting. Read more about Instrument adjusting on the chiropractic page.

“We are committed to continue evolving with the Art, Science and Technology of today’s health and wellness care. ”

Dr. Fred Meinzer Chiropractor

Dr. Harold Meinzer Chiropractor

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Our Vancouver, Langley and Aldergrove Chiropractors can help to re-align the vertabrae and restore movement through careful manipulation of the spine when it becomes misaligned or subluxated.



Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a CLASS IV therapeutic laser which speeds up the body’s natural healing process through emitting wavelengths of light into your cells. Damaged tissues are repaired and regenerated.



Registered Massage Therapy offers a natural and conservative approach to relieving musculoskeletal pain for many patients tailored to meet each patient’s condition.



Many people experience foot pain in their lives. Custom Foot Orthotics provide relief through correcting foot performance and alleviating pain.